Pediatric Eye Care

Healthy vision is one of the most important components of a child’s overall wellness. Starting at birth, vision develops rapidly and is associated with many developmental milestones, such as reading and hand-eye coordination. Over time, your child’s vision will impact how they learn, play and interact with the world around them.

Some optical problems may be easier to spot than others. In fact, many vision disorders can only be detected by a qualified eye doctor during a comprehensive eye exam. The team at Mercer Island Family Eye Care is experienced in pediatric eye care. Rest assured that we’ll do whatever it takes to help your child enjoy the best possible vision.

Is your child having difficulty seeing?

Vision problems aren’t always obvious in children. Some symptoms may be more noticeable, such as squinting or holding reading materials very close. Often, however, these early signs are subtle and therefore frequently missed.

Your child may be experiencing a vision problem if he or she does any of the following:

  • Avoids reading and other close-up activities, such as coloring or doing puzzles
  • Seems to work more slowly or have difficulty understanding relatively easy tasks
  • Frequently complains of headaches or fatigue
  • Has a short attention span or is easily distracted
  • Tilts head or covers one eye when trying to focus on something
  • Has unusual light sensitivity
  • Experiences difficulty with coordination

Common Eye Disorders in Children

Your child’s vision can be affected by many things, including the shape of the eye, how the brain and eyes work together, and even other unrelated medical conditions. Fortunately, most pediatric eye disorders can be identified and treated for a positive outcome.

The most common pediatric optical problems are caused by the shape and alignment of the eyes, including:

Strabismus, which occurs when the eyes are not properly aligned. This is often referred to as “cross- eyed.”

Amblyopia, which is sometimes referred to as “lazy eye.” This occurs when one eye has weaker vision than the other. Amblyopia generally presents before the age of eight. Infants born prematurely or at a low birth weight tend to be at a higher risk of developing amblyopia.

Refractive Errors can result in blurry vision due to the shape of the eyeball or lens. These common conditions can usually be treated through the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses.

There are three types of refractive errors:

  • Myopia, or nearsightedness, which is good close-up vision but poor distance vision.
  • Hyperopia, or farsightedness, which is poor up-close vision but good distance vision.
  • Astigmatism, which is imperfect vision regardless of distance.

When should a child have his or her first eye exam?

Routine eye exams are a critical component of your child’s wellbeing and ability to learn. Many parents mistakenly believe that school screenings are the same as comprehensive eye exams. The truth is, even with 20/20 vision, your child may still have problems that only an experienced eye doctor will be able to detect.

Newborns typically have their eyes examined before leaving the hospital. From there, leading medical organizations recommend comprehensive eye exams for health, vision development, and alignment at the following intervals:

  • Between 6 and 12 months
  • 3 years of age
  • Every other year throughout the school years

Let’s work together to help your child reach his or her highest potential. Schedule an appointment at Mercer Island Family Eye Care today.

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Janice Huynh
Janice Huynh
16:47 16 Feb 22
I was in a tricky spot with my insurance. They got me in and the staff was amazing with helping me figure out the best... course of action for me. I can not thank them enough!read more
Lorraine Abing
Lorraine Abing
21:40 28 Jan 22
Always a pleasure receiving care here. From the front desk staff to the doctors all the way to the opticians helping... you pick which frames work best for you. Even when the whole place is busy, everyone works hard to make you feel like you are getting 1:1 care and attention. I still come here for glasses/contacts even after I moved away from the more
María de Lourdes Alanis
María de Lourdes Alanis
21:07 30 Oct 21
All the team super prepared, kind and friendly. Loved that they always explain everything. Best service!
13:17 24 Oct 21
We have watched this place deteriorate since new ownership took over, going from from a caring medical office with... knowledgeable staff to a greedy profit center churning out as much business as possible, with low quality, ridiculously high prices, and clueless staff (other than the one man who was there under prior ownership — he’s the sole knowledgeable problem solver in that place). My bifocal progressives don’t sit right due to faulty measurements so I can’t see properly (and several return checks didn’t help), lenses pop out of glasses, etc. Prices for identical frames are half in Bellevue, and 20% on internet sites. It’s all about maximizing revenue for the owners these days, and like so many others have done, we will be moving on. I want to support local businesses, but we are done lining pockets to our personal detriment — our family deserves more
18:04 27 Sep 21
I needed tactical glasses for combat and this practice had the perfect set of glasses to withstand impact and... protection! the vision is amazing too! I love the office because they were warm and friendly! The doctor is pretty cute too. I sent my whole family to them and I would recommend them to everybody!read more
Wade French
Wade French
21:54 25 Sep 21
All of the staff there does an amazing job of getting you taken care of and helps you from start to finish. Dr. Sea... always does a great job with the exam and all of the opticians are very knowledgeable and eager to get the right style and more
Thiago & Will Siguenza
Thiago & Will Siguenza
02:32 22 Sep 21
Very prompt and friendly experience. Very knowledgeable staff and very welcoming.
David Liang
David Liang
18:33 10 Sep 21
This is a fantastic place to get your eye exam and frames. I have had nothing but positive experiences every time I... have gone. The customer service is phenomenal and the doctors are amazing. I would recommend this place to more
Candy Capinpin
Candy Capinpin
22:12 23 Aug 21
They do their best to make sure that your eyeglasses fit you. The staff was on her way to lunch but went out of her... way to adjust my glasses before heading out. Great customer service and gave me advice for future more
Dianna Li
Dianna Li
05:41 17 Aug 21
They are usually pretty welcoming and have great service. This time when I went there, there was a lot of waiting at... the end, as it seemed like they had difficulty organizing staff. Also, I later realized that one of the sample contacts packs was expired and feel quite dissatisfied with that… Their text program also seems to be in disuse now.Update: I was able to exchange my sample contact lenses which I appreciate; although I wish they could have mailed it as it’s a bit far and the heatwave was going more
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