Colored Contacts

Do you enjoy changing your look? Do you tend to plan outfits down to the smallest accessory? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you may want to look into colored contacts. These can be a fun way to give yourself a new look. However, there are some things to keep in mind with these. A local Mercer Island, WA eye doctor goes over a few key points below.

Get A Prescription

You can sometimes find colored contacts in discount stores, Halloween shops, and the like. However, these products sometimes choose style over safety, in manufacturing, source materials, and/or packaging. Given that contacts are medical devices that you wear on your eyes, this is not something you want to take risks with. Go through a licensed optician or eye care center. Even if you don’t need vision correction, it’s still important to get your contacts professionally fitted. Otherwise, the hole in the contact may not align with your cornea. This can interfere with your vision, and potentially cause problems.

Look For Breathable Lenses

It may sound weird to think of your eyeballs breathing, but your eyes do need fresh air to stay healthy. Many colored contacts do not allow as much air to permeate them as regular ones do. This not only makes them more uncomfortable, it’s also bad for your eyes.

Choose The Right Type

There are different kinds of contact lenses. If you need vision correction, you can get colored options for your regular contacts. If you don’t need vision correction, you can get non-corrective lenses. You can also choose between contacts that enhance your natural eye color, and more vibrant ones that completely change it.

Follow Proper Care Procedures

This is the big one. Some people think of colored contacts merely as accessories. However, any damage or contamination to your contacts can lead to serious trouble, up to and including loss of vision. Always properly clean and disinfect your lenses and lens cases, and never wear them beyond the recommended time.

Be Wary Of Theatrical Lenses

The more striking contacts, such as whited-out or blacked-out lenses, can also be the most dangerous. These are made with different materials than other lenses, many of which aren’t as safe. Ask your eye doctor for advice on these.

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